The aim of this digital publishing project was to design a web article with interactive infographics which would explain any chosen topic concerning the human body.

My article explains the dopaminergic reward system of the brain which is essential for our motivation.

View it here:

As I started working on this project I learned a lot about this really complex, but also extremely interesting subject and I found out that the main task was to break down the highly specialised information and make it comprehensible, without altering or falsifying the scientific facts.

At the moment there are still many things we don't know about this partikular function of the brain, so my article only covers some findings of recent research and specific studies.

For our exhibition at uni I made a few hundred little dopamine-labeled chocolates to symbolise the 'reward' subject, and placed them next to an ipad showing the aticle. Everyone stopping to look at the project could take one.

Third semester,
Mentoring & Javascript programming: Prof. Ralph Ammer